The wide range of services offered by “VMP Associates” goes from the simple and preparatory consultancy, targeted to identify the real needs of the investor, feasibility study, business plan drafting, fiscal consultancy, tax planning, up to the company, bureaucratic and customs fulfillments. The strategic consultancy service is offered to enter the market in the best way and to obtain the most favorable positioning of the products/services both at a local and at an international level.
Thanks to the know-how gained day by day, “VMP Associates” is able to give immediate answers to the investors that want to work in  Moldova considering their real operational needs, crossing the gaps that any entrepreneur or investor face once he approaches a foreign Country.
In short, the services offered by “VMP Associates” can be summed up as follows:
-    Fiscal and strategic consultancy and planning of the effects on the National fiscal position.
-    Customized tax planning.
-    Fulfillments for incorporations.
-    Companies domiciliation.
-    Fulfillments for companies management.
-    Business plan drafting
-    Feasability studies.
-    Market and partnership researches.
-    Accountancy.
-    Fulfillments for human resources management.
-    Compilation and presentation of the balance sheet.
-    Compilation and presentation of the income tax returns.
-    Bureaucratic fulfillments and relations with the Public Administration and other Institutions.
-    Handling of customs fulfillments for import – export operations.
-    Handling of questions of law / contentious.
-    Transfer and acquisition of companies shares and quotas.
-    Procedures of voluntary liquidation.
-    Companies surveys and valuations

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