The strengths that make interesting and convenient the productive, financial and real estate investments in Moldova, can be summed up as follows:
•    Tax convenience.
This circumstance is given both by a tax system far and away lower than the Italian and other European ones, and by the International convention against the double taxation, already in force, and signed by the two Governments.
•    Market opportunities.
It is not hard to seize the opportunities given by an emerging market still to develop with a great potential, and by the nearest markets with the same features, that are quite easy to enter.
•    Low production costs.
The lower raw material costs and the direct and indirect production costs, can reduce significantly the overall production costs (especially in case of a stronger incidence of the labor cost). The consequence is that it is possible to gain a larger market share, thanks to a lower price policy, or to realize higher profits keeping the previous market shares because the products price does not suffer any change.
•    Delocalization advantages.
The possibility to plan strategically the delocalization of the entrepreneurial activities because of the fiscal advantages and for other market opportunities, is the Moldova biggest strength, together with the ability of the “VMP Associates” consultants to handle these matters.
•    Financial Investments.
The basic steadiness of the local currency, together with the consolidated strength of the major credit Institutes (most of the times participated and controlled by the major European financial groups), makes substantially and enough safe the financial investments made in the Country. The investments are among the most profitable ones, because of the advantageous interest rates imposed by the banks over the savings deposits.
•    Real estate investments.
The real estate investments generate positive effects both in the short and long term, considering the costs ratio between return/revaluation of properties.
It is possible to buy properties at very low prices, compared to other European real estate markets. The return of the investment on these properties is higher and much more interesting than the one usually offered by other markets, and in the future they will be subjected to a revaluation for sure.
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