Germany’s Lufthansa airline is planning to operate a new route to Moldova. The new flight will be introduced in their next summer schedule which starts on March 31, 2013 and operates on the same route as the current Munich-Chisinau-Munich one.

The new flight will depart early in the morning at 6:50 AM from Chisinau International Airport and will arrive at Munich Airport at 8:05 AM local time. The second flight will operate as usual – departing from Moldova at 1:00 PM and getting to the destination at 2:15 PM.

Lufthansa airline officials said that the flight in the afternoon will provide connections to flights going to the Asia-Pacific region, whereas the morning flight will establish connections with flights heading to North America and other European countries.

“This will enable us to provide excellent connectivity to our extensive flight network to North America and within Europe,” Klaus Gorny, manager of Deutsche Lufthansa AG told Moldova.ORG. “Munich is our second largest hub and one of the most modern and efficient ones in Europe.”

He said that Lufthansa has no plans in the near future to operate new flights from any other German airports to Moldova.

So far, only two airlines operate connections between Moldova and Germany - Lufthansa (Munich) and Air Moldova (Frankfurt am Main).

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